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Sport Court Surfaces and Installation

Boost your sports complex with Perm-A-Seal's top-tier Sport Surface Services, the leading specialists in NW Indiana and NE Illinois for outstanding sport surface construction and repair. As esteemed professional builder members of the American Sports Builders Association, we guarantee the highest quality and complete customer satisfaction, ensuring your tennis courts, basketball courts, and multi-purpose sports areas not only fulfill but surpass your requirements.

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Elevate your sports facility with Perm-A-Seal’s premier Sport Surface Services, your go-to experts in NW Indiana and NE Illinois for exceptional sport surface construction and repair. As a proud professional builder member of the American Sports Builders Association, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures your tennis courts, basketball courts, and multi-purpose sports areas not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Tennis and Basketball Court Repairs:

Our comprehensive repair services begin with meticulous preparation, including power blowing to remove all debris and smoothing out ridges and imperfections. We specialize in crack repair, using Plexipave Court Patch Binder for cracks over 1/4 inch and offering advanced solutions like the Armor Crack Repair System and the Riteway Crack Repair System for long-lasting durability. For leveling minor depressions, or “Bird Baths,” we employ court patch binder to ensure a flat playing surface. Following repairs, an Acrylic Resurfacer is applied to prepare the area for the new color system, finished with a mineral-filled acrylic coating, Fortified Plexipave, for a vibrant, uniform surface texture. Choose your color, and let us transform your court into a visually stunning and high-performing sports arena.

Striping and Layouts:

Adhering to the American Sports Builders Association guidelines, our striping services use Plexipave Texture Line Paint for sharp, professional-looking lines that define your court with precision.

Tennis and Basketball Court New Construction:

From earthwork and paving to the final surface inspection and color system application, our new construction projects follow stringent standards for road and bridge construction in Illinois. We install a robust base, followed by bituminous binder and surface layers, ensuring a solid foundation for your sports court. Our color systems, applied in multiple layers, culminate in a smooth, dense underlay for the acrylic color, completed with accurately marked and painted playing lines for a professional finish.

Inline Hockey and Multipurpose Courts:

Our reinforced smooth acrylic coating is ideal for inline hockey courts, providing an all-weather, nonabrasive surface that’s also perfect for volleyball courts and play areas. This versatile surface solution offers easy maintenance and vibrant color intensity.

Pickleball Courts:

Join the rapidly growing community of pickleball enthusiasts with our custom-built courts. Combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, pickleball is a fun and engaging sport played indoors or outdoors. Our courts are designed to professional standards, ensuring a fantastic playing experience. Choose Perm-A-Seal for your sport surface projects and benefit from our expertise, dedication, and innovative solutions. Whether it’s repairs, new constructions, or specialized sports applications, we’re here to deliver superior results that will make your sports facility stand out.

Contact us today at 708-333-3833 to discuss your project needs and discover how we can help turn your vision into reality in NW Indiana and NE Illinois.

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"Perm-A-Seal has done an excellent job in repairing, relaying, fixing crack seals, and applying a final topcoat on all of our Asphalt Surface area within our Townhome Association. They do the work they say they will."


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